Pez Cantina For The Holidays

Looking for a place where you can taste the Passion Of The Chefs. Feel the excitement of the season. And experience a restaurant's continuous dedication to culinary quality & diversity. Look no further. Pez Cantina is your Go-To spot for Holiday Dinners Big & Small.

Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez CantinaHoliday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina

Established Restaurant,  passion project,  family business, and a tried  & true team of Culinary Professionals and hospitality enthusiast that genuinely care about your experience at their establishment.

Hello curious readers.  It’s Brian Wells. The CEO & Founder of the Happening In Group and I would like to provide you with a very short and sweet explanation and official endorsement of Chef Bret Thompson’s Pez Cantina Coastal Mexican Restaurant and their new holiday menu that has be masterfully constructed for the Ultimate Holiday Dinner Party Experience.


Anyone that follows this website knows that it isn’t very often that I take to the keyboard and contribute content to our Editorial section. However, many will soon come to find that when something truly compels me to personally share my experience; I do just that.


As I stated in the beginning; This will be brief.  I believe in getting right into the core of the story.  So, Pez  Cantina if you haven’t heard about it yet is the latest project by former Patina Executive Chef and co-founder of Milk Ice Cream Parlor, Bret Thompson and His Wife Lucy Thompson-Ramirez; Located on Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles, near the Broad Museum. Pez Cantina is a sustainable Coastal Mexican-style restaurant and bar serving the freshest sea-to-land dishes in an oasis-type atmosphere. Inspired by his travels to Loreto, a sleepy fishing town in Baja California, Mexico, and his marriage into a Mexican family, Bret captures the complexity and spirit of the food he has developed a strong love and passion for.

Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina


I can confidently assure you that every single word of their Mission Statement behind the restaurant and their offerings is true.  In all of the times that I have had the pleasure of visiting the space I have never left  without raining a continuous stream of praise and compliments upon the people who serve there: Their manners are impeccable, their dedication to service is genuine and not forced or overbearing, and their knowledge of the menu is thorough and accurate.  The space is laid out in a way where even during busy hours you feel comfortable in your surroundings and confident that you have enough space to enjoy your meal alongside the other patrons.  And most importantly the food.  The food is a number of things.  I will attempt to  give some very heartfelt adjectives that I feel best describe the food being served at Mr. Thompson’s restaurant.

Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina

  • Exciting
  • Distinct
  • Creative
  • Fun
  • Flavorful.   A Complex & Artistic Blend of Flavors.
  • Sophisticated but never pretentious

For example the simple Mole Chile Salt that lines the rim of some of their Margaritas is Salty, Sweet, Citrusy, and even a little spicy.  It’s a symphony that visits your taste buds and then cleverly disappears. Leaving your palate ready for more of whatever you choose.

Their New Holiday Menu holds true to their impressive reputation, and I had the pleasure of photographing and tasting a few of the items myself.  I could not resist sharing the experience and a sneak preview of the lineup with our loyal audience here in Downtown.  With the hopes that they heed my sincere recommendation and experience this Cantina of Creative Cooking with  the friends and family  that they love this holiday season.

Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina

Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Complex Flavors, With Just Enough Festive Kick

Left  > > > Right:  Hibiscus Margarita | Ponches | Habanero, Mezcal, Grapefruit Agave, Margarita

Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina

New York Strip roast, sautéed winter mushrooms,
caramelized celery root and carrots,
Valle de Guadalupe red wine sauce
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Super slow braised beef short ribs,
sauce soubise, roasted oyster mushrooms,
asparagus-potato taquitos, truffle jus
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
White corn, butternut squash, golden raisin
cobbler, pecan – cornbread crust (V)
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Shrimp and sugar cane pops, peanut mole,
sesame, soft herbs
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Crispy chicken roulade, almonds, dates, quince,
grilled romaine hearts, chicken-thyme reduction
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Spoons of beef cheek,
caramelized cauliflower, pickled onions
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina
Because I Enjoyed This Margarita So Much

Habanero, Mezcal, Grapefruit Agave, Margarita


After the photo-shoot, I was given the honor of enjoying the dishes with the staff; Sampling a little bit of everything and loving  every bite of it.

Holiday Party Dinner Downtown LA Pez Cantina

So. Here’s the point of all of this.  If you’ve got yourself a holiday party in the works for your Friends, Family, Co-Workers, or Entire Company.  I strongly suggest that you give the good people at Pez Cantina a call and see how they can help you setup a truly memorable experience.  You’ll remember the dinner for years to come and you’ll keep coming back for more.  Sharing the restaurant with the people who you spend your special and precious moments with when you have them.




PH. 213-258-2280  –  [email protected]
Parking rates now $7.50 with validation for 2 hours before 5pm and 3 hours after 5pm.