DTLA’s First Solar Apartments

For the first time in DTLA, solar-powered apartments have opened. With a 15% reduction in electricity bills, these stylish new apartments are sleek and future-forward.

The future is here—a generic statement that could be said for a lot of today’s technological advancements, but today it is said in reference to the first set of solar-powered apartments in Downtown L.A. Ever. The Hanover Olympic Apartments.

After two years of construction, the Hanover Company opened a brand spanking new luxury apartment complex called the Hanover Olympic this past April 2016. Situated off of Olympic and Olive Street, Hanover boasts of the usual upscale Downtown housing amenities. The building is a convenient walking distance from countless restaurants, shops and other retail goodies. There are amazing skyline views of the city and sparkling new facilities—a clean gym, office space with massive Mac computers, rooftop lounges and more.




IMG_5893Its most unique feature, however, is the set of 20 solar energy efficient apartments located on the seventh floor of the structure. While there is little difference in the interior of the two styles of apartments (solar versus non-solar), the solar-efficient units have small touches that make a big difference in tenants’ energy bills. Connected to special solar panels installed on the roof of the complex, the features contribute to a 15% reduction in tenants’ electricity bills.


One of the main features of the Eco-Green Apartments is the Nest Thermostat. An enlarged raindrop looking circle resting on the wall, it adapts to seasonal change and will learn your preferred settings to eventually program itself. When you’re not home, the system also automatically adjusts to an empty apartment. You’ll be able to tell that this is happening if you’re nearby—the system will light up. You don’t have to be at home to adjust these settings either – The Nest is attached to a downloadable app that will let you adjust your settings when you leave the apartment.


Another handy future-forward feature is the iPad tracking system that’s attached to the wall. Yep, you get a “free iPad” with your rented unit. It tracks the amount of energy you’re using in your apartment at a given time. You can also connect the system to any device that is connected to the Internet.


In addition to them being LED lights, the lights in the apartment are also sensitive to factors like outdoor lighting and guests occupying the space. The appliances provided i.e. the refrigerator, microwave and stove (which has electric tops rather than gas ones) are also GE energy star appliances and the shower head is purposely low-flow to keep your water bill low.


The recycled interior features of the complex are simple yet gorgeous in execution. The wood floors are made from recycled wood and the countertops are also made of recycled glass. The amount of VOC paint and glue used to piece everything together is extremely low, meaning the paint releases very little solvents into the air as it dries. Lastly, the windows are energy performance winning—like the walls, they retain heat at the right time and keep heat out at the right time too.


The starting rate for their one-bedroom plan is a pretty $2271 a month. If you’re looking into a two-bedroom, that plan goes for $3,877 a month. So far, about 50% of the complex is leased out while 39.16% currently reside in the apartments. If you’re looking to get energy efficient, the Eco-Green Apartments are definitely readily available and waiting for you to start saving!

Hanover Olympic is located at 936 S. Olive St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Hanover Olympic Solar Apartments

For more questions about the complex and potential leasing, visit http://www.hanoverolympic.com/.

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