California Avocado Month Kicks Off At Grand Central Market

Because avocado toast just isn’t enough!

Grand Central Market Avocado Month

We’ve reached peak avocado season, and there’s no better time to indulge in our avocado obsession than right now. June is California Avocado Month, so to celebrate, the California Avocado Commission has partnered with Grand Central Market in DTLA to offer limited-time California Avocado specials. There are 10 participating GCM vendors with dishes highlighting the beloved avocado, and these dishes will be available throughout the month of June. Here’s what will be on offer:

Belcampo Meat Co.

California Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Salad

California avocado, heirloom tomato, Belcampo bacon, burrata and basil


Chilled California Avocado and Yogurt Soup

California avocado, cucumber and mint

DTLA Cheese and Kitchen

Salad with California Avocado Green Goddess Dressing

Gem lettuce, California avocado, egg radish

Golden Road Brewing

California Avocado Italian Chicken Sandwich

Italian-style herbed chicken with artichokes, heirloom tomato, arugula and California Avocado pesto

Horse Thief BBQ

Grand Central Market Avocado Month
Smoked Chicken Salad with CA Avocado Dressing (Photo Courtesy of Horse Thief BBQ)

Chicken and Kale Salad with Smoked California Avocado and California Avocado Dressing

Baby kale topped with smoked chicken, smoked California avocado and a creamy California avocado dressing

Grand Central Market Avocado Month
Brisket Sandwich with Smoked CA Avocado Relish (Photo Courtesy of Horse Thief BBQ)

Brisket Sandwich with Smoked California Avocado Relish

Traditional brisket topped with tangy and smoked California avocado relish

La Tostaderia

California Avocado Toast with Seafood and Fruit Caviar

California avocado spread on whole tostada, topped with tossed vegetables, octopus, shrimp and scallops beneath house-made garnish of mango and strawberry caviar

Las Morelianas

California Avocado Carnitas

Carnitas taco topped California avocado puree made with fine herbs and tomato relish


California Avocado Smoothie

Chilled California avocado with creamy yogurt

Olio Wood Fired Pizza

Wood Fire-Roasted Lump Crab Cake and Crushed California Avocado Pizza

Hand tossed Olio crust topped with olive oil-spiked tomato puree and lump crab cake, seasoned with roasted garlic and Grana Padano, finished with crushed California avocados, Anaheim chiles and guajillo chile oil 

Ramen Hood

Ramen Hood California Avocado Toast

Vegan dashi rice cake topped with California avocado puree and sesame dressing

Valerie Confections

California Avocado and Egg Tartine

California avocado on toasted sourdough bread, slathered with aioli and topped with pickled green almonds, caperberries, fresh herbs and egg

Carrot and California Avocado Salad

Roasted and pickled carrots tossed with California avocados


Grand Central Market is located at 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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