The Goddess Project Premieres In DTLA

Two aspiring filmmakers sold all their belongings, packed their lives into a school bus, and set out on of the most transformative adventures of their lives.

Imagine selling your belongings and hitting the open road to embark on the greatest journey of your life. Almost hard to envision, unless you’re the daring type. However, in the summer of 2012, two aspiring filmmakers did just that. Sold all their belongings, packed their lives into a school bus and set out on the most transformative adventures of their lives. Armed with a camera, and strapped for cash, filmmakers Holli Rae and Sara Landas had one goal in mind – to meet and interview some of America’s lesser known, yet extremely empowering women for what they coined,  “The Goddess Project.” Five years later and a ton of life lessons learned, Rae and Landas shared the World Premiere to a sold out audience on Saturday November 5th at the Downtown Independent Theater in DTLA.

Aspiring filmmakers Sara Landas and Hollie Rae hitting the open road for The Goddess Project

“We had the idea to film women and share all of these powerful stories that we weren’t seeing in the media,” Rae said. Landas added that their goal with the film was “to show a wider range of role models for women, allowing emerging generations to see that they don’t have to be confined to one path.”

Holli and Sara interviewing an empowered woman for The Goddess Project

While documenting this adventure, the duo interviewed over 100 women with questions focusing on themes related to overcoming obstacles and pursuing dreams. Through the interview process, Rae and Landas discover that although each woman follow a different path, their fears and goals are almost the same. “We had the idea to film women and share all these powerful stories that we weren’t seeing in the media,” Rae said. Interviewees ranged from healers, to doctors, to street performing mimes. When asked about their favorite subjects, the filmmakers said that they had a hard time pinpointing just one, because “each woman was so inspiring and unique in their own way.”

10,000 miles and over 100 women interviewed 

Mission Statement:

“In 2015 only 22% of main characters and only 19% of all directors, writers, producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the industry’s leading films were female. Our mission is simple – women behind and in front of the camera sharing stories that connect, inspire, and empower womankind. It’s time for women and girls to see themselves in the media that they consume.”

The bus Rae and Landas packed their lives into before embarking on their journey

Six months on the road, three hundred hours of footage, and over one hundred interviews later, the duo returned home to California where they launched a second crowdfunding campaign. The first campaign raised a little over $10,000 which assisted with their journey, while the second raised $50,000 to bring aboard a post-production team to finish up this film. Since then, the pair has partnered with Gathr Films to bring these inspiring stories to theaters across the United States and Canada through their Theatrical On Demand Platform. Meaning, if you want to see the film, you’ll be able to request or host a screening of it in your hometown. The world premiere of the film took place on November 5th in DTLA, and will kick off the movie’s nationwide cinema run starting in January 2017. For more information on The Goddess Project visit their website, or follow them on Instagram.


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