Free Downtown LA Concerts In December

Live Music By Grand Performances This December


Original Article Credit:  By Alysia Gray Painter For NBC Los Angeles

The Line Up

+ Mostly Kosher, on Tuesday, Dec. 3, at the Spiral Court at California Plaza.

+ The Altons in front of 1 Cal on Grand Avenue, on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

+ Urban Voices Project sings in California Plaza on Dec. 13.

+David Garza rounds it out, on Dec. 18, at The Cabaret Stage.

+All shows begin at 11:45 a.m., which is a time of day that needs more live music.

Again, all free, all downtown, all delightful. And if you don’t feel like following what you’re supposed to do this holiday season, on the rush-rush-stress front, take an hour, take some sunshine, and take in some sounds, courtesy of Grand Performances.