May 2018 Jefferson Park Sales Summary

In May 2018, there were 21 sales in Jefferson Park totaling  $14,840,500.   The small community of Jefferson Park has opened up its doors to residents and investors in the last couple months


Dig out all the last nickels from your sofa cushions!! The highest April sale was at 27th St. for $1,375,000. A 5 unit apartment building in the beautiful area of Jefferson Park.

All May 2018 Jefferson Park Sales

May 2018 Sales



(May Sales)
05/01/2018 4227 11th Ave. Single Family Residential 1570 $757K
05/01/2018 4024 Abourne Rd. Condominium (Residential) 719 $255K
05/01/2018 2903 Halldale Ave. Duplex (2 Units, Any Combination) 1911 $700K
05/01/2018 2531 Thurman Ave Single Family Residential 1186 $810K
05/01/2018 2536 Clyde Ave. Triplex (3 Units, Any Combination) 1952 $486K
05/01/2018  2829 Vineyard Ave Single Family Residential 1536 $694K
05/03/2018 3688 4th Ave Duplex 1586 $525K
05/03/2018 1935 8th Ave Single family 2762 $901K
05/09/2018 1737 W. 35th Pl. Single family 720 $1.2M
05/10/2018 3844 W 27Th St Apartment House (5+ Units) $1.3M
05/10/2018 3660 4Th Ave Single Family Residential 1488 829,500
05/10/2018 2953 11Th Ave Single Family Residential 1416 $690K
05/14/2018 2321 W 29Th Pl Duplex (2 Units, Any CombiSingle Family Residentialnation) 1730 $495K
05/16/2018 2918 S Norton Ave Single Family Residential 1048 $728K
05/16/2018 2347 W 29Th Pl Single Family Residential 1304 $930K
05/18/2018 2345 W 30Th St Single Family Residential 1286 $755K
05/22/2018 1837 W Jefferson Blvd Single Family Residential 1604 $725
05/25/2018 2190 W 28Th St Single Family Residential 1664 $775K
05/30/2018 2350 W 30Th St Single Family Residential 2066 $800K
05/31/2018 2932 Edgehill Dr Single Family Residential 1647 $495K
TOTAL: $14,840,500

We first heard of canadian-born pop artist Odie when he released his music out into the world back in 2014. The move was bold and necessary but it wasn’t by choice.  The loving push came from his best friend and now full-time manager Christopher Emmet. Now, nearly four years later, Odie and Emmit sit outside a pair of cathedral steps in Paris, France, as the two embark on Odie’s very first  world tour. Upon the release of Odie’s debut album Analogue, the 21-year-old living legend announced he’d be going on an eight city stop Spiritual Noise tour. The tour starts in Paris, ends in New York and makes a pitstop in good ole LA this July at The Moroccan Lounge.


Inspired by the sounds of African gospel music and Feel Kuti, Analogue  provides its listener with a truly spiritual experience, hence the name behind the tour. I was fortunate enough to sit down  with Odie before he set out on a two month trip that could potentially change his life as he knew it. If his live show is anything like the encounter we shared, its safe to see you should prepare yourselves to witness a glimpse of heaven.


Meeting with Odie at Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve in San Diego, CA serves as the perfect landscape for embarking on a day that feels like a dream within a dream.  We climb up bigger than life branches. Trek across a bridge overlooking the creek and revel in the nature that surrounds us. We do this as Odie begins to share with me his thoughts on perception vs. reality while he stares intently at the light dancing on the trees. We discuss the concept of mermaids, aliens, spirituality, and his greatest fear of being lost at sea.

He tells me, “I love the water but I respect it so much that I fear it. Could you imagine? Being stranded on a boat, looking into the horizon and seeing nothing but a vast blue ocean ahead? Nah, Fuck that.” He tells me he”ll try to stay alive until his mind gives out on him and he wonders what I would do if I ever find myself stranded at sea. As our day continues I begin to realize this guy is just as curious about me as I am about him.

He wants to know if I think time is real. If love is real. He’s curious about  how I can be so sure of something that I can never physically touch or feel. I tell him love for me is not a feeling, it’s a person. When I touch her she’s soft and when we kiss it feels like home. He pauses for a moment. Processes what I’ve said. Looks at me, and smiles. Odie’s journey into the music industry is much like the journey we are taking today. Filled with events that feel like a scene from the show Atlanta.  I refer to these moments as magic. Odie calls them “weird as fuck.”


We talk about his lyrics and I admit to him how impressive I think it is that he’s only twenty-one years old yet he writes about love and life with decades worth of wisdom. Odie tells me that  while he’s never been in a serious relationship himself, he’s seen enough of them evolve and dissolve around him to know the biggest mistake one can make is “staying in it for too long.” When it comes to soulmates, he believes we all have multiple soulmates. They come in the form of friends, lovers, parents, children but in the end he believes we all have that one person we’re intended to be with. “If you’re lucky you meet your soulmate in this life. If you really lucky, you spend forever with them.” 

He reveals to me that his biggest struggle as an artist and as a human being, is the battle he fights inside his head.  That’s part of the reason why he’s never been in a relationship. But being inside his head and analyzing life, love, and every topic under the sun is also what makes him so brilliant. He tells me he’s never let any external circumstances keep him from believing in himself or his music. “Not race, economic status, nothing,” he says. “The only thing that can stop me from being the version of myself I see inside my head is me.”

While Odie didn’t elaborate on exactly who he is inside his head, I’ve got a feeling he’s getting ready to reveal him during this Spiritual Noise Tour. Curious? Me too. Join me on July 9th at the Moroccan Lounge, its time to find out who Odie really is. Ready or not, here he comes.

There’s always things to do on weekends in Downtown LA, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what those things are. Here at Happening in DTLA we make the planning simple!

Below are our picks for events that you’re sure to enjoy this weekend in the community! For our full calendar of events, just click here.


June 29

Taco Tour by LA Cycle Tours

During this bicycle tour, you will be taken to what we consider are some of LA’s best taco spots. You will experience a taco tour of Los Angeles that takes your body and taste buds on an unforgettable ride to some of LA’s hidden gems. We will ride through different neighborhoods, historic sites and we’ll stop at various taco stands and trucks so you can experience one of LA’s most popular on the go foods.

Booking and other information about Taco Tour can be found at

Drake Party


Celebrate the drop of Drake’s highly anticipated album, scorpion at The Reserve in DTLA.  

Drake Party is a celebration of all things Drake, they’ll be playing all the classics plus the newest tracks. Get in free before 10:30 with an exclusive RSVP!

Drake Party takes place at The Reserve, 650 S. Spring St. Party goes from 9 PM – 2 AM and is  21+. RSVP at


June 30

DTLA Pub Crawl / Club Crawl

Party with 30-50+ other locals and tourists on this special event to four of the best bars and clubs that Downtown LA nightlife has to offer! Enjoy drink specials, no cover charges and express entry to all venues for an unforgettable night out.

The line up this time includes:

Golden Gopher – 9:30pm meet up & check in / free welcome shot with a drink purchase / $5 select beers / $8 Bees Knees

Clifton’s – express entry / DJ 1st floor / band and swing dancing 2nd floor / impromptu burlesque shows popping up all night / feels like you are partying in a museum!

The Reserve – newest LA nightclub / old bank vault basement club / two rooms with dance floors and DJs

Ending Club for this Saturday – TBA

Tickets for the DTLA Pub Crawl can be purchased here.


Murder, Mystery & Ghost Tour

Go on an exploration of the noir underbelly of Los Angeles – and enjoy cocktails in a some haunted hotels.

First stop is the Biltmore Hotel, where the famous Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short, was last seen alive. Next, the notorious Cecil Hotel – nicknamed the suicide hotel for reasons you’ll learn about on this tour. From there, visit the Alexandria Hotel, where Rudolph Valentino’s ghost haunts his old penthouse suite, then the Barclay Hotel, temporary home to two serial killers. After that we head to the Halls of Justice, site of the trials of Charles Manson’s, before finishing at the Los Angeles Pueblo, scene of the 1871 Chinatown Massacre.

The Murder, Mystery & Ghost Tour starts at Pershing Square at 6:00pm then goes on for 2 miles.  More details and booking info can be found here.


July 1

Soulful Sundays

The first Sunday of every month brings the hottest open mic and jam session in the city to Comfort LA.

Soulful Sundays gives an opportunity to those looking to strut their stuff on stage. There’s more space, more vendors, and the same great food, good music & good vibes!

OPEN MIC RULES-If you want to sign up for the open mic follow our IG @soulfulofnoise. The sign up sheet will be posted the day of the event. Bring your music on a flash drive. The Dj plays your record and our house band, The Noise, will learn your music on the spot. The Dj cuts the track and you perform with the band. Each artist is allowed to perform ONE record, and if the crowd wants to hear more then by all means keep them entertained!

Soulful Sundays takes place at Comfort LA, 1110 E 7th St. The event is free with an RSVP here.

With summer quickly approaching- Angelos are looking for things to do to fill up the break. We all attempt to use the time off to try things we normally don’t do or what we wish to do.

What if I told you that you have the opportunity to experience culture, adventure, foodie finds and more within your own backyard and without breaking the bank?

Not sure how to spend the Summer in DTLA? Happening DTLA got you covered with our DTLA Summer Bucket list!


1. Watch a rooftop film at LEVEL Downtown LA


888 S Olive St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Take advantage of the Los Angeles summer nights and while you’re at it enjoy a great movie. Watch Oscar nominated productions such as “Lady Bird” and “I, Tonya” or cult classics like “Pulp Fiction” and “Mean Girls”. Catering to all genres and offering alcohol, Los Angeles’ Rooftop Film is a summer experience for adults 21 and over. Surrounded by an endless amount of stars and the towering Downtown buildings; sounds like the best way to watch an iconic movie.


2. Take a dancing class @ DANCE DTLA at Grand Park


200 N Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Returning for its 14th summer, DANCE DTLA is taking over Grand Park! Spend the day time enjoying a picnic at the park; but at night watch it transform into summer concert with live music and dancing. Alternating Fridays, have been pre selected for days that a dance instructor will teach guest some cool dance moves for free. Each night will have a dedicated genre including: Samba, 90s, Salsa and more! For a detailed schedule of the events visit the link above.

3. Go shopping on Olvera Street



Olvera St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

No need for summer traveling to experience another culture. Take a trip to Los Angeles’ “first street”, Olvera. Shaded by the line of trees and occupied by hundreds of vendors selling purses, jewelry and more; this historical block is reminiscent to a small Mexican marketplace. Visitors travel far and wide to take have a bite of authentic Mexican treats, listen to Mariachi performers and take part in the Aztec and Mexican folk dancing. Celebrating Latin culture and supporting local businesses, this is a great place to visit for the summer.

4. Attend a free summer concert at Pershing Square


532 S Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
     Continuing its10 year tradition, Pershing Square is hosting their annual summer concert series. The concert series celebrates culture and the community, by inviting local performers of all ages to present their talents. Bring your blanket and stop on by for music, food and a cool photo booth. Did I mention for free?
*Performers this year includes: Bright Light Social Hour, The Wallflowers and more! A full list of the dates and schedule are on the link above!

5. Take a tour of the DTLA Art District


DTLA W 4th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Interested in Wall Art and Selfies? Then this activity should definitely be on your summer bucket list. The Arts District is a section of Downtown that allows artists to use the streets as their canvas. These artists tackled subjects such as equality, feminism, and other political interests thus gaining a growing audience. Come to DTLA bright and early, park in a nearby location and be ready to walk. Different sponsored organizations hold their own tours to display the artwork of the city such as the DTLA Art Walk and Downtown LA Walking Tours. Artwork featured on the tour includes: the Polka Dot wall, the Colette Miller: Angel Wings and Hueman’s “Bloom” wall.

6. Enjoy a summer cocktail at a DTLA rooftop bar


Raising the Bar: DTLA’s Top Rooftop Bars


Temperatures are rising and its only right to follow the summer Angelo tradition of attending a Rooftop party. Take a day off and have some fun in the sun! Various hotels in Downtown Los Angeles are home to the tastiest restaurants and bars located on their roofs. Some of theses places even host monthly events including pop up shops, pool parties, DJs and live music!
Checkout our list of the top DTLA Rooftop Bars on the link above.

 7. Go on a DTLA Scavenger Hunt


(Starting Area)
111 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Explore LA the right way! Twenty plus challenges. Gather your friends and get ready to compete. Big City Hunt throws scavenger hunts throughout Los Angeles. Take part in the Downtown series to catch out LA top destinations including: Grand Park, the Broad and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This activity will lead to team growth, sight seeing and an amazing adventure. To sign up check out the link above.

8. Visit all of the Downtown Districts



We previously went over the wonder of Downtown’s Art District. However, we could not end this list while shouting out the other districts. From live music and dancing to fresh flowers and fashion, the DTLA districts has it all! Spend the summer trying out the different districts including: the Arts, Floral, Jewelry and Fashion District. Each of these locations are about a block over from the other and specialize in their own themes. The Floral District is perfect for picking fresh flowers for every occasion. Looking for wholesale and retail apparel, check out the fashion district for a shopaholic paradise. To add accessories to those new outfits, you can also take a visit to the Jewelry District for wholesale costume jewelry.



There’s always something to do on weekends in Downtown LA, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what those things are. Here at Happening in DTLA we make the planning simple!

Below are our picks for events that you’re sure to enjoy this weekend in the community! For our full calendar of events, just click here.


June 22

The BET Experience: Chris Brown, SZA, Teyana Taylor + More

The BET Experience returns to L.A. LIVE this June 21-24 for the ultimate music, celebrity & lifestyle weekend! A weekend full of performances are set to take DTLA, all leading up to the BET Awards on Sunday at Microsoft Theater.

This Friday get ready to get your groove on with Chris Brown, SZA, Ella Mai and Teyana Taylor

The BET experience is taking place at the Staples Center all weekend, 1111 S Figueroa St. More information and tickets can be found here.


Late Night Fridays at the Tar Pits

Join other eager archeologists for Late Night Fridays at the Tar Pits. All summer long through August 31, the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum will be open from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on Fridays with Free General Admission. Plus exciting special activities will be planned for each weekend.

The La Brea Tar Pits are located at 5801 Wilshire Blvd. Tickets can be reserved here.


June 23


Stones Throw Soul

Los Angeles based record label Stones Throw Records has cooked up something special for local music lovers.

A live showcase of hometown artists will be featured at the newest warehouse venue in Downtown, 1720.

The likes of MNDSGN, Sudan Archives, and Keifer will be playing new music, while Stimulator Jones, Prophet, Jerry Paper and Peanut Butter Wolf will be playing soul-inspired jams all night long.

Stones Throw Soul is set to go from 9:00pm – 2:00am at 1720, 1720 E. 16th St. Tickets can be purchased here.


The BET Experience: Ferg, Lil Pump, Rae Sremmurd + More

The BET Experience returns to L.A. LIVE this June 21-24 for the ultimate music, celebrity & lifestyle weekend! A weekend full of performances are set to take DTLA, all leading up to the BET Awards on Sunday at Microsoft Theater.

Saturday night will see a line up of Ferg, Lil Pump, Rae Sremmurd, Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, Playboi Cardi and more!

The BET experience is taking place at the Staples Center all weekend, 1111 S Figueroa St. More information and tickets can be found here.

June 24

La Junta: Solstice Spectacular

La Junta, or ‘the gathering’ in Spanish, began as a biweekly summer event bringing together people of all backgrounds in the name of friendship, dancing, and deep music from points all across the globe.

On this edition of La Junta, catch QVLN (que-violin) performing his brand of Latin grooves mixed with Jimi Hendrix on an electric violin.

Also preforming is undoubtedly one of LA’s finest deejays/tastemakers,

Jeremy Sole from KCRW.

La Junta takes place at Don Chente DTLA, 1248 S. Figueroa St. Tickets can be purchased here.


Bumps and Brewses

Come grab a beer and enjoy the heavy hitting action when Bumps and Brewses returns to the Boomtown Brewery this Sunday. A host of top wrestling talent will be o display including Hardcore Holly and Al Snow, two of the most recognizable faces of the WWE’s Attitude era. Doors open at 3:00pm and the bell will ring for the first match at 4:00pm.

Bumps and Brewses will take place at Boomtown Brewery, 700 Jackson St. Tickets can be purchased here.



Located in South Park DTLA.

Stylish furnished and unfurnished apartments, co-working spaces and sunny outdoor spots to accommodate your live, work and play lifestyle.

Studios, one and two bedroom.

Walking Distance to Shopping, Dining & Entertainment including LA Live, Whole Foods, The Convention Center & Much Much More !

Lounge by the pool!


Modern Finishes
Wired for High Speed Connectivity
Engineered Wood Floors
10′ Ceilings
In-Unit Washer & Dryer

Quartz Countertops
Glass Tile Backsplashes
Stainless Steel Appliances
Gas Stove

Studio, One and Two-bedroom configurations from 467 Sqft. to 1,229 Sqft.

Up to Two Bathrooms with Modern Finishes.


Rooftop Sky Lounge

Rooftop Sky Lounge with Billiards Table & Fireplace
Fenced in Paw Park
Resident Lounge & Community Courtyard

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center

Co-Working Spaces

Contact Jamie Fregoso for more information:

P: (818) 942-3034




Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
The Entrance of Beyond the Streets DTLA, Art by Retna. Photo: Andre Karimloo

The growth of street art has been long coming.

Originating from what seemed like crude sprawlings of paint onto city surfaces, to taking its place among the respected art forms of the world. Street art transcends the walls, billboards, and trains where it first appeared. It’s safe to say that graffiti and street art combined are the most important movement in modern art. Beyond The Streets Los Angeles 

Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
From Ron Finley’s Gangsta Gardener. Photo: Andre Karimloo

Of that movement, Beyond the Streets is best collection of this brand of art the world has ever seen.

Spanning a vast 40,000 square-foot warehouse on the outskirts of Chinatown, the nine-week exhibit is curated by graffiti historian and urban anthropologist Roger Gastman.

Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
Takashi Murakami. Photo: Andre Karimloo

A comprehensive selection of paintings, sculptures, photography and installations carry visitors through the ebb and flow of street art over the past decades.

Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
Sculpture by Slick. Photo: Andre Karimloo

Over 100 international artists were selected to be a part of the show, with some big time names included, like: Shepard Fairey (Obey,) Invader, Banksy, Takashi Murakami, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.

Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
Piece by Invader. Photo: Andre Karimloo

It’s hard to categorize pieces in the collection into genres of art, leading to the umbrella term of street art. But that itself is one of the best things about the exhibit; letting people enjoy the art for what it is, rather than what it’s said to be.

Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
Art by C.R. Stecyk III. Photo: Andre Karimloo

While the collection spans the whole history of the form – perfect for any hardcore street art fan to absorb and enjoy – the exhibit is still easily digestible for more passive spectators.

Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
Neon by Patrick Martinez. Photo: Andre Karimloo

There are plenty of “insta-worthy” picture opportunities, while some of the more thought provoking pieces can be understood by most passers-by.

Some in the art community see the social media-friendly art installations as diluting the form, Gastman thinks it can help expand it.

Art by Timothy Curtis. Photo: Andre Karimloo

“People want to take photos and interact with things. It’s fun. So of course, during our exhibit, we’ll have that,” he said in an interview with L.A. Times. “But we also want to educate and entertain. Part of [the exhibition] will be ephemera, part will be historical, and part will be more of a photo opportunity mixed in with the paintings, sculpture and other art.”

While many will take the quick route to the photo-friendly pieces, the truth is that Beyond the Streets is a serious exhibit, showcasing a serious art form. That cannot be taken away from it.

Beyond The Streets Los Angeles
The Venice Skate Pavilion. Photo: Andre Karimloo

The exhibit is a testament to the off-the-grid art scene that operates outside of the parameters of the traditional museums. While some street artists have eventually broken through to the other side – so to speak – there is still a need for them to be grounded in what bred the art they make and made; the streets.

Beyond the Street runs until July 6, 2018 and is located at 1667 N Main St. in Chinatown. Tickets can be purchased here.


There’s always something to do on weekends in Downtown LA, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what those things are. Here at Happening in DTLA we make the planning simple!

Below are our picks for events that you’re sure to enjoy this weekend in the community! For our full calendar of events, just click here.


June 15


FIGFest 2018: Gabriel Garzon-Montano with Jarina De Marco

Free and open to the public, FIGFest transforms the outdoor plaza at Figat7th into an intimate summer concert venue with performances by leading hip hop, R&B, pop, soul, and electronic artists.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano takes the stage with layer upon layer of his characteristically thoughtful, sultry, saturated soundscapes that oscillate between new soul, electronic, funk and R&B. Creative visionary Jarina De Marco takes the stage prior, whose unique blend of global rhythms and defiant resistance embody the sound and color of a multi-ethnic future.

FIGat7th, 735 S. Figueroa St, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


June 16


DTLA Donut Festival

Mark your calendars for a one-day edible exploration of LA’s favorite pastry at the first-ever DTLA Donut Festival at Union Station. Stroll through the The Whole Donut Marketplace showcasing donuts in all their many forms. From plain, glazed, and filled; to traditional and new wave varieties. Also in store are “donut-adjacent” treats including churros, apple fritters, and donut holes. This event is not to be missed!

Union Station Los Angeles, 800 N Alameda St. 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

La Bulla: A Lucha Libre Experience, Featuring Mil Mascaras

Plaza De La Raza at Olvera Street will host the 4th annual La Bulla: A Lucha Libre Experience. This event celebrates the beloved culture and spirit of Lucha Libre and will honor the legendary luchador (wrestler,) Mil Mascaras, or Man of a Thousand Masks. A percentage of all proceeds from ticket sales, art sales, and other event activities will benefit the Plaza De La Raza Cultural Center.

The 21 & over event will feature an art exhibit showcasing over 100 various artists. Also in store will be various arts & crafts, live music, food vendors, a fashion show, a live art competition, and movie screenings

You can purchase tickets here.

La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, 501 North Main St. 7:00 pm – 1:30 am


June 17


Lucky Wheels Garage Bike Night at Wendell, DTLA

Wendell Bar, Lucky Wheels Garage, and Moto FAM join forces to make a killer Sunday for motorcycle riders and aficionados. The evening begins with a group ride at 6pm from Lucky Wheels through the beautiful hills and ending up back in DTLA at Wendell Bar.

Burgers by Meatzilla, a raffle with prizes provided by local businesses, rad tunes by Vinyl Club, Lagunitas drink special. There will also be a secure parking lot near the bar to store your vehicle while you hang out.

No need to own a bike to come hang, just join after 8pm at Wendell, you won’t regret it!

Wendell Bar, 656 South Main Street. 6:00pm – 8:00pm Group Ride, 8:00pm till late at Wendell


It’s finally here.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia started with a bang. Host nation Russia showed they mean business with a thunderous 5-0 defeat of Saudi Arabia in the opening match. Surely this is sign of how much fun this tournament is gearing up to be.

Sure, watching matches at home can be fun, but sharing the experience with a horde of soccer fanatics will only make each game better.

The following is a run down of spots around the neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful game, let’s kick thing off.


Big Wangs

Located in the center of South Park, Big Wangs is packed to the brim with TV’s ready to show the soccer festivities. They’ll be serving up breakfast burritos for those who make it early enough. Opening as early as 3:00am, and showing every single game of the tournament, Big Wangs is a solid choice regardless of what team you’re cheering for.

Big Wangs, 801 S. Grand Ave. (213) 629-2449


Bunker Hill Bar and Grill

Sporting a very well-rounded menu of food and drink, this sports bar is a great place to go and enjoy the beautiful game in a slightly more refined setting. The Los Angeles branch of FC Bayern Munich supporters will be hosting a special event for the game between Germany and Mexico on Sunday, June 17. But don’t worry, they’ll be open for every single match of the Cup.

Bunker Hill Bar and Grill, 601 W 5th St., (213) 688-2988


Mok Maru Jong Sul Jip

A favorite of followers of the Korean national team, Mok Maru Jong Sul Jip is sure to be packed all month long. Reservations can be made ahead of time to ensure your spot, but there are plenty of TV’s to view games if you decide to stroll in. They’ll be open as early as 5:00 am. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a truly immersive fan experience.

Mok Maru Jong Sul Jip, 222 N. Western Ave., Koreatown. (323) 465-6803

The Down and Out

A classic dive of the Downtown bar scene, the Down and Out on Spring Street will be the place to be if you’re into a rowdy, yet fun atmosphere. With 10 TV’s all over the space, no one will miss out on any of the action. Include a $5 tall can of PBR into the mix and you’re definitely in for a good time.

The Down and Out, 501 S Spring St. (213) 221-7595


Little Bear

Nestled in the revamped portion of the Arts District, Little Bear is the plce to go for a taste of European soccer fandom. Opening at 9:00am throughout the tournament, this Belgian-inspired beer haven will surely fill up quickly.

Little Bear, 1855 Industrial St., Arts District. (213) 622-8100


Casey’s Irish Pub

Although Ireland didn’t qualify for the tournament this time around, doens’t mean you can’t party like they did! Casey’s in the heart of DTLA will be open for each and every early game on the schedule. They’ll be serving breakfast to go with your Guiness to start your day right.

Casey’s Irish Pub, 613 S. Grand Ave.


This Oaxacan eatery might just be the best place to go watch the Mexican team take on this summer’s tournament. Located on Olympic, just on the border of Koreatown, Guelaguetza will be propping up a big screen for the matches to be enjoyed like your there in person. There’ll be plenty of tasty food and refreshing micheladas to go around, so don’t miss out!

Guelaguetza, 3014 W Olympic Blvd, Koreatown. (213) 427-0608


La Cita Bar

Just steps from Grand Central Market, La Cita is a dive bar known for always providing patrons with a good time. Watching World Cup games here will be no exception to the rule. The plethora of TV’s they have both inside and on their famous patio will be dialed in to every single match over the course of the month.

La Cita, 336 S Hill St. (213) 687-7111


Have you been hit with a case of June gloom and you’re finally feeling ready to break free from your emo funk and onto the dance floor? If so, you’re in luck. HIDTLA racked up a list of the six must see live shows happening in Down Town Los Angeles this month exclusively for your listening pleasures. Whether you’re in the mood to slow grind with your soulmate or get lit loose with your crew, we’ve got just the thing for either mood and every summer vibe you’re feeling in between. From the Regent Theatre to OHM nightclub, LA is buzzing with live music this June. Take a peak below and click on the link that catches your eye, you can thank us later.



Location: Regent Theatre

Date: Thursday, June 14th

Latest Release: Brown

Sounds Like: a secret love affair that feels too right to be wrong 


Location: Staples Center 

Date: Thursday, June 21st 

Latest Release: SR3MM

Sounds Like: getting high with your soulmate


 Location: Telegram Ballroom

Date: Friday, June 22nd

Latest Release: Floating Features

Sounds Like: realizing you’re a bad ass chick and  finally telling your punk ass boyfriend to kick rocks



Location: Hollywood Bowl 

Date: Sunday, June 24th 

Latest Release: God’s Favorite Customer 

Sounds Like: a melancholy, vulnerable portrait of life, love, and everything in between 



Location: Academy Nightclub

Date: Friday, June 22nd

Latest Release: Love Lies

Sounds Like: seducing your crush on the dance floor


Location: Ohm Nightclub, Hollywood

Date: Sunday, June 24th

Latest Release: Money Over Everything 

Sounds Like: the song you play while you’re preparing jungle juice for a lit house party



In April2018, there were 22 sales in Echo Park totaling $22,897,000Silver Lake had 17 sales for $21,458,000

Together they totaled $45,355,000. Silver Lake is extremely hot. Everything is selling for over asking!

Echo Park

The first Echo Park sales was a $675,000 single-family fixer right off Sunset Blvd. on 875 W Kensington Rd. 2 Bed 1 Bath California Bungalow waiting to be renovated!

Silver Lake

The highest sale in Silver Lake was a 5-Bed/3-Bath two-level home with 3,237 Sqft. It went for $2,058,500 on 2373 Silver Ridge Ave.

All Sales



(April 2018)
4/2/18 875 W Kensington Rd 874  $675K
4/4/18 2030 Blackbirds Way 1,580 $1,050,500
4/5/18 2042 N Alvarado St 2,604 $1.41M
4/5/18 1265 Colton St $700K
4/6/18 1908 Lemoyne St 914  $796K
4/9/18 2240 Allesandro St 1,380  $727,500
4/9/18 1829 Scott Ave 2,154  $685K
4/9/18 1316 Waterloo St 1,392 $1.4M
4/10/18 1958 Lemoyne St 1,263  $1.05M
4/10/18 1840 Lobdell Pl 921  $934K
4/10/18 2532 N Via Artis Ave 2,107  $1.01M
4/12/18 2235 Lake Shore Ave 978  $1.213M
4/12/18 2140 Lemoyne St 1,672  $760K
4/13/18 1840 N Alvarado St 1,507 $770K
4/13/18 1940 Delta St 3,390 $1.850M
4/16/18 718 Echo Park Ave 994 $900K
4/19/18 2312 Valentine St 1,382 $2M
4/20/18 1647 N Coronado St 1,804 $1.250M
4/20/18 1876 Lemoyne St 2,900 $1.355M
4/23/18 1552 Lemoyne St 814 $901K
4/23/18 1914 Rosebud Ave 688 $680K
4/27/18 810 N Bonnie Brae St 2,555 $780K
22 TOTAL: $22,897,000
(April 2018)
4/3/18 2373 Silver Ridge Ave 3,237 $2,058,500
4/4/18 3131 Berkeley Cir 1,077 $773,500
4/4/18 2230 Griffith Park Blvd 1,321 $1.374M
4/4/18 962 Maltman Ave 1,264  $902K
4/5/18 3218 Larissa Dr 1,946  $1.285M
4/6/18 3008 Scotland St 1,238  $985K
4/11/18 905 Maltman Ave 1,555  $875K
4/16/18 4201 Effie St 1,632  $1.250M
4/16/18 1213 Myra Ave 1,841  $1.250M
4/17/18 3115 Fernwood Ave 2,378  $1.860M
4/20/18 2212 Glendale Blvd 4,016  $1.460M
4/20/18 1448 N Occidental Blvd 900  $900K
4/20/18 3415 Plata St 2,689  $1.040M
4/20/18 1820 San Jacinto St 1,924 $1.550M
4/20/18 2331 Teviot St 2,834 $1.510M
4/27/18 1822 Lucile Ave 1,310 $1.2M
4/30/18 2525 Ivan Hill Ter 1,458 $1.185M
TOTAL: $21,458,00

Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

 Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

Summertime means sun, fun and fresh food to go around. After a successful soft open early in May, Rappahannock Oyster Bar opened for full service on June 8th, and is set to provide all you need to enjoy the summer. Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

Tucked in a tall, sunny and vibrant corner space of ROW DTLA, Rappahannock brings a distinctly East Coast vibe to their venture west. Chef Nick Erven was brought in to craft a menu that balances his knowledge of culinary practices from either coast.


Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

Cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton now oversee operations of the 125-year-old Rappahannock company. Focusing on sustainable and ethical fishing methods, the restaurant is aimed to bring locally sourced seafood to the masses.  Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

An artistic, creative LA feel, blended with a touch of East Coast flair is exhibited on the interior of Rappahannock, designed by Studio UNLTD. Live plants accentuate the high ceilings of exposed wood, metallic tables, wooden chairs and soft lighting fixtures. Natural light permeates the entire space, creating an open, casual feel. There is a total of nearly 47 seats indoors and an open patio for up to 40.

Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

The food at Rappahannock – as can be imagined – is centered around high-quality seafood. Three selections of oysters are there to choose from; the Rappahannock, with a sweet, full-bodied flavor; the Rochambeau, which are slightly more salty and briny; and Olde Salts, with a classic, briny, fresh-from-the-sea flavor. Also from the raw bar are Olde Salt clams, peel-and-eat shrimp, bay scallops and fresh hamachi.  Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles

For those looking to indulge in something a little different, the entrees at Rappahannock are diverse, and range in flavor palettes. Stand out selections include; the Rapp Burger, stacked with two patties and two slices of cheddar; the Skirt Steak, with a mole-bbq sauce, masa fries and brussels-lime slaw; and the Slow-Cooked Skuna Bay Salmon, with basil dumplings, corn, smoked tomato and fennel-peach puree.

Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA Downtown Los Angeles
The Rapp Burger

General manager, Anthony Ko and chef Nick have carefully curated the wine program. This list will feature old world classics in addition to California favorites to pair with the menu. A beer list of local craft breweries such as Boomtown, Angel City, Santa Monica Brewery and Iron Triangle will also be on tap.


Rappahannock Oyster Bar is located in ROW DTLA, 787 Alameda Street, #154. They’re open Monday – Friday 11:00am-10:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 5:00pm-10:00pm

Photo courtesy of Arts Brookfield


Summer is officially heating up. So many fun happenings going on where you can be out soaking up all the sun. Don’t miss out! Plan out your month and schedule ahead. The early bird may catch the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Things To Do In Downtown LA 

10 AMAZING THINGS TO DO IN Downtown LA | June 2018

No More FOMO. Plan out your month with the city’s best culture, concerts, eateries and more.Things To Do In Downtown LA June 2018


June 12, 13, 14
E3 2018; Los Angeles Convention Center

Get ready for all the biggest names in the gaming industry to take the stage and kick off this three day conference with a slew of announcements. Find out about new games, game-play actual footage, and hear about new release dates – all this plus more.

June 15, 22, 23, 29, 30
Grand Performances; California Plaza
Soak up some sun and celebrate our cities diversity through performance arts. This summer series showcases the best of global culture through an eclectic line up of dance, world music, and theater at a stunning outdoor venue in Downtown LA – making summer great again!
June 22

Dance Downtown; Grand Park 

Spend an evening dancing under the stars every other Friday night. Participants have the opportunity to learn new dance moves from a different genre at each event. Everything from Salsa to Disco and Bollywood. Dance Downtown welcomes anyone who loves to dance and learn some new moves in the heart of Los Angeles’ civic center.


June 16

Donut Festival; Union Station

Join us for a one-day edible exploration of LA’s favorite pastry at the first-ever DTLA Donut Festival at Union Station. This mouthwatering event will showcase the donut in all its many guises: plain, glazed, and filled; traditional and new wave along with “donut-adjacent” treats including churros, apple fritters, and you can’t forget – donut holes! A “live fry” donut station will make hot donuts to order and a “Pimp Your Donut” experience will allow visitors to customize their donuts at a “Flavor Bar” of various fillings and toppings (yum yum).

June 30

Baja Market LA; Chicas Tacos

Toast all things “Valle De Guadealupe” at Baja Market LA! The team from Chicas Tacos are hosting their 2nd annual festival from 4:00 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 30. The afternoon fiesta will showcase a roster of talent curated by Bill Esparza, with visiting chefs including: Javier Plascencia (Finco Altocanzo), Guillermo “Oso” Campos Moreno (KokoPelli), and Omar Valenzuela (Encurentro Guadalupe), alongside local luminaries such as Eduardo Ruiz (Chicas Tacos), Natalie Curie (El Coraloense) and Alex Chang (Exchange at Freehand) who will create regionally-inspired tacos complemented by Mexican wineries, breweries, mezcals and tequilas. The event will also include live music and shopping from Valle-visting bands, brands and more.

Find more things to do in our June 2018 events calendar.


June 23

DisClosureFest; Los Angeles Historic Park

Get in tune with yourself and ring in Summer Solstice at a powerful activation right in the central hub of DTLA. This summer, California State Parks kicks off it’s 2nd annual Mass Meditation Initiative in the Los Angeles Historic Park. This free event will feature over 25 workshops including: meditation, yoga modalities, plant-based preparation, ayurveda, herbal science, and spiritual regression. Attendees get to enjoy two stages filled with live performances, sound healers and conscious speakers. Lose yourself and be found. There’s something here for all ages, no matter what your path/journey in life.

June 30

Summer Happenings; The Broad

Now in its third year, Summer Happenings at The Broad is a series of late-night events featuring music, performance and art by an array of artistic talent, held on the last Saturday of each month from June through September. Summer Happenings is inspired by art in the Broad collection and occupies various spaces throughout the museum and outdoor Plaza. The events fluctuate between happenings, salons and scenes that animate the important influences of the leading artists of our time. Summer Happenings is made possible in part by the generous support of Leading Partner East West Bank.

Find more things to do in our June 2018 events calendar.

TV + Cinema

June 13, 16, 20, 23

Last Remaining Seats; Historic Core

See classic films light up the big screens in historic theatres! This annual series is back and ready to bring you the classics! If you’re a film buff, this is an event you won’t want to miss!


June 15, 22

FIGAt7th Downtown Festival; FIGat7th

Don’t worry, be happy because Figat7th’s completely free music series is back! This Downtown Festival amps up the city with eclectic sounds and fun summer nights. Spaceland Presents and Arts Brookesfield joined forces to bring you an exciting line-up this year. The outdoor plaza will be transformed into an urban concert venue, and dance floor brought to life with performances by some of the best leading R&B, hip-hop, soul, dance and electronic artists.

June 30

Chinatown Summer Nights; 943 – 951 N. Broadway (Central and West Plazas)

Taste the many culinary offerings of Chinatown. Watch Chinese chefs perform cooking demonstrations, experience large-scale, outdoor video projections, and take part in hands-on Chinese cultural activities presented by local organizations and museums. This event is part food and part summer party. Participants also have the option to sipping on brews or dance in Central Plaza with 89.9 KCRW DJ’s!

Want more? Then be sure to check out Happening In DTLA’s Events Calendar for updates on exciting things happening in the city throughout the month of June.

Photo by Robert Ascroft

We can all help prevent suicide. If you, or someone you know needs help, the Suicide Prevention Hotline is there to listen. Give them a call at 1-800-273-8255


An inspiration is gone. Anthony Bourdain, respected chef, writer and host of several successful television programs was found dead in his hotel room in France while filming an episode of CNN’s Parts Unknown.

The reaction to his untimely death is unanimous: complete shock.

Having spanned the entire globe on his travels, Bourdain was a modern-day explorer. He aimed to explore food and culture; from the highest of echelons, to street food enjoyed by everyday people.

He brought this same mentality on his visits to Los Angeles, having most recently made a mini-series about different pockets of culture around the City of Angels.

Aside from that, it’s no secret that Bourdain adored Koreatown, having dedicated an entire episode of Parts Unknown to exploring the community. Over the years he’s visited classic spots like Phillipe’s, high end eateries like Broken Spanish, and single-handedly propelled Tacos Villa Corona into city and nationwide popularity.

Don’t forget his love for a very well known SoCal burger establishment.  

He will be sorely missed, and his spirit will live on through the connections he made with food. The following are some notable spots Bourdain visited in Downtown and the surrounding areas.

In-N-Out Burger

I am a man of simple needs

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Having gone as far to say the this burger chain was his favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, no list on Bourdain could be complete without including In-N-Out. In the video below, Bourdain tells Eater LA the exact reasons why a Double-Double animal style might be the best thing to eat, ever.

Birrieria Chalio

Back when Bourdain was making No Reservations for the Travel Channel, he stopped by a small, family-operated spot called Birrieria Chalio. He speaks of the importance of remembering the past and understanding your culture when eating a beloved food. As a mariachi band plays in the background, Bourdain enjoys some tacos de birria, or roasted and braised pork.

3580 E 1st St, CityTerrace.  (323) 268-5349


Another location Bourdain visited while filiming No Reservations, Philippe’s is a Los Angeles staple that opened in 1908. Known best for their French dip sandwiches, Bourdain visited Philippe’s with a local roller derby team.

He ordered the lamp dip, with a healthy dose of the famous au jus dipping sauce to go with it.

1001 North Alameda, Chinatown. (213) 628-3781

Broken Spanish

Anthony Bourdain with chef Eddie Ruiz and Robin Chopra at Broken Spanish. Photo courtesy CNN

On the Los Angeles episode of Parts Unknown, a major talking point for Bourdain was the change in presentation and acceptance of Mexican food in the city and beyond. He sat down with chef Eddie Ruiz and business partner Robin Chopra to discuss the the changing views, techniques and variations that Angelino-Mexican food is creating

1050 S Flower St, Downtown.

Cielito Lindo

Taquitos at Cielito Lindo

Again on the Parts Unknown episode in Los Angeles in early 2017, Bourdain travels to the famed Olvera Street. He goes to the well known eatery Cielito Lindo with comedian Al Madrigal and writer Gustavo Arellano. Bourdain ordered their famous machaca taquitos smothered in a spicy green avocado sauce. He also indulged in a bean and machaca burrito while speaking on the state of Mexican-American cuisine in Los Angeles.

23 Olvera St., Los Angeles, (213) 687-4391,


Myung In Dumplings

Bourdain and Choe on the Koreatown episode of Parts Unknown

In his greatly received episode on Koreatown for Parts Unknown, Bourdain tags along with local street artist David Choe as they visit his favorite dumpling house. At Myung In Dumplings, Bourdain and Choe drink Hite beer while eating plenty of the Wang Mandu King dumplings. A thicker-than-normal dough is wrapped over a mixture of pork, fresh kimchee and vegetables, then served piping hot.

3109 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, (213) 381-3568.


Tacos Villa Corona

Nestled in an unsuspecting storefront on Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village, Tacos Villa Corona was largely unknown outside of the neighborhood. That was, until Bourdain came to visit way back in 2012. He starts first with two tacos, one steak and one chicken. Then upon asking a other patron what they were eating, was prompted to order a potato and chorizo breakfast burrito.

His visit alone gave the restaurant an immense surge in popularity, with lines still going strong until today.

Watch the full clip here.

3185 Glendale Blvd., Atwater Village, (323) 661-3458.

There’s always something to do on weekends in Downtown LA, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what those things are. Here at Happening in DTLA we make the planning simple!

Below are our picks for events that you’re sure to enjoy this weekend in the community! For our full calendar of events, just click here.

Friday, June 8th – Downtown Dark Nights: Birthday Edition

Celebrate 10 Years of epic entertainment at L.A. LIVE during Downtown Dark Nights, Birthday Edition presented by Absolut. This free event will be full of music, art, live performances and more. Participating restaurants on the L.A. Live campus will offer unbeatable $5 food and drink specials. The popularity of the Dark Night events has been steadily rising, and that’s sure to continue with the biggest Dark Night yet!

Downtown Dark Nights takes place at L.A. Live, 800 Olympic Blvd. The event is slated to start at 6:00pm and run until Midnight. Entrance is free!

Saturday, June 9th – Street Food Cinema: The Big Lebowski


Street Food Cinema is the largest event series in Los Angeles, featuring cool outdoor movies, tasty food trucks, live music, interactive games and more! The movie that will be showing this time around is The Big Lebowski!

There will be a band performing and plenty of food trucks to enjoy.Street Food Cinema takes place at LA State Historic Park, 1245 N Spring St. Doors open at 5:30pm, the movie starts at8:30pm. Purchase tickets here.

Saturday, June 9th – 89.9 KCRW presents Summer on Seventh 2018 feat. Mayer Hawthorne

Inner-City Arts and 89.9 KCRW team up this summer in support of equal access to arts education for the kids and teens of our city. Summer on Seventh is a special night of art installations, live music on a rooftop, food, drinks, studio tours and more.

This year will feature music by Mayer Hawthorne with a special dj set by Mark Ronson.

The event is 21+ and all proceeds from the event support high quality arts instruction and programming for underserved LA youth.

Food and drinks will be available from Cassell’s Hamburgers, Everson Royce Bar, Guerrilla Tacos, Pizzanista, Plant Food for People, Silverlake Wine, and Starry Kitchen.

Summer on Seventh takes place at Inner-City Arts, 700 Kohler St. Event goes from 6:00pm to Midnight. Tickets can be purchased here.

Sunday, June 10th – Angel City Brews & Blooms

Put a little pep in your step and join Alice’s Table at Angel City Brewery to offset LA’s June gloom. Come partake in the creation of your own, beautiful floral arrangement in LA’s Downtown Arts District. A pint of Angel City’s delicious beer is included with each ticket. All materials will be provided, including: flowers, vases, aprons, and other tools you will need to create your arrangement.

Angel City Brews and Blooms takes place at Angel City Brewery, 216 Alameda St. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.