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“You have to live in the now and do what you love to do.”

The dog days are over, September is here, and boy is it scorching hot! So hot, I’ve lost track of how often I’ve been caught trying to beat the heat by standing in front of a: a) freezer,  b) portable AC, or c) some random fan (sometimes you need to hear your robot voice). Regardless, we’ve got to endure these humid days that feel like we walked straight into a heated oven (oh help us God). I know it sucks, but all I can say is, hang in there friends and stay hydrated. The weekend is almost here and needs you to prepare yourself for a fantastical night of DIY (Do It Yourself) being brought to you by The Gel Lab (TGL) this Saturday, September 12th from 10pm – 4am.


When the quasi collective weren’t out n about making action videos, you could find them skating the streets of LA to decompress. They’d meet up once a week to do so, and as the word spread, Arian thought it would be fun to throw these weekly street sessions every Wednesday night as a social experiment. That social experiment started off with five people, then ten people, to so many more! It just kept on blossoming, and as it blossomed, it directed them to more sponsorship leads, one of them being Loaded Boards (among many others).

110921_Malibu_2-1-e1441971359527As TGL flourished, so did their umbrella of ideas that enticed them to combine all of their talents into one platform. That’s around the time Arian concluded to plug the DJ and mixing aspect into the whole equation, because they needed to evolve. During that evolution, Arian and Matt received an invitation to join Mixlr. They decided to test it out, and eventually began their own radio show called, 10 to 1. Andres Martin (Radio a Nossa/Lisbon based) helped conceive the name with the concept being them against the bigger guys – ten against one, which in the end, also coorelated with the time they played. 10 to 1 allowed them to flex their DJ muscles and was something that was always consistent. It always got pretty wild at times too. I would know, since I happened to attend a lot of them (those nights are written down in the books of everything rad). Since then, 10 to 1 has transitioned over to the weekend, and is now called Afternoon (if you like to tune into to listen, you can do so every Sunday from 12-2PM by going here).

150910_TheGelLab_PressShots-5025-e1441970065906 If you weren’t able to tell by now, these guys are pretty hands on, and very DIY vs. DIFM (Do It For Me). With that said, this Saturday marks their One Year Anniversary of DIY curated events! The goal of these events is to allow the attendee to have an experience like no other venue, club or warehouse can offer. It’s a think-outside-of-the-box experience that’s always held in a secret location, so mum’s the word, unless you RSVP.

140417_TheGelLab_SharkTory-e1441971814194They’re very open to collaborating, so if you’d like to get involved, be sure to hit The Gel Lab up on their Facebook page. This months party is going to be in the heart of DTLA Arts District, where Arian Chamasmany (Shark/TGL/Loaded), Matt Elliott (Mwoff/TGL), and Rudy Michel (Mister Michel/LASH) will be bringing the beats, and all they ask for you is to bring a can or two of food that will in turn be donated to the LA Regional Food Bank. If you don’t have can food,  it will be a $5 donation that will go toward the DJ’s. So, come on out and support local talent!

What to expect: Funk, Disco, Soul, House, and Techno. Basically, Los Angeles, prepare yourselves, and live in the now, because this Saturday is gonna be something like a phenomenon (baby). xo.

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141211_SharkJuice-e1441971679258The Gel Lab Presents: DIY September /// 1 Year Anniversary Warehouse Jam / Canned Food Drive

This is a Private Event located in the DTLA Arts District

10:00PM – 4:00AM

 RSVP here


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