Break Bread at Di Alba in the Arts District

Let di Alba satisfy that bread craving.

From the people that brought you the Smile in NYC, comes a focacceria in DTLA’s Arts District that will save your healthy New Year’s resolution from demise. Di Alba DTLA Downtown LA

di Alba, 827 E. 3rd Street 
di Alba

The Smile’s di Alba is a casual, modern Italian focacceria that also specializes in salads, grains, greens, and even some dessert items to complete the meal. Using fresh, sustainable ingredients, di Alba’s menu is market driven – meaning you get the best of what’s in season right freaking now. The menu is simple and straightforward. What you see in their lovely and bright display case is what you get.

Chef Nina Clemente brings a refreshing New York-style food awareness that doesn’t involve any bohemian, non-conformist, vegan, raw, pH balanced agendas. It’s all about healthful and delicious ingredients here. You can actually satisfy your bread cravings with any of their housemade focaccias without feeling guilty afterwards.

All of their focaccia is sold by-the-slice. We recommend the parma focaccia (prosciutto, mozzarella fior di latte cheese and arugula on a rustic focaccia) and the sprouts focaccia (brussels sprouts, red onion and mint on a spelt focaccia) with a poached egg on top. Each slice is light, yet filling with perfectly balanced flavor combinations. For an extra kick, drizzle some of their tasty housemade chili oil on top.

Sprouts Focaccia with Poached Egg 
Parma Focaccia
Amalfi Focaccia
Breakfast Focaccia

Their salads aren’t your ordinary café salads. The entire salad selection tastes farm fresh with ingredients that are locally sourced. Using the best herbs and oils, everything is lightly but sufficiently dressed and keeps you coming back for another bite.

Mixed plate of salads

Save room for a guilt-free dessert. Their brownies and chocolate cookies are heavenly, and the sweetness is accentuated with a delicate touch of salt. But if you’re not into sweets, you won’t be left out from dessert. The blood orange polenta cake is fruity and tangy.

Blood Orange Polenta Cake 

Di Alba is located at 827 E. 3rd Street in the Arts District. They’re open 10 A.M. – 6 P.M. Tuesday to Sunday.

All photos by Steffi Victorioso



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