Breakfast @ Nickel Diner

Exploring one of Downtown LA's most beloved diners...

On weekends I don’t often go out to eat breakfast. I find that it is easier for me to make a quick egg or open a Greek yogurt at home but today was different. It was a Sunday after a long and busy holiday and I didn’t want to make anything at home and it dawned on me that I hadn’t yet tried Nickel Diner on Main Street! I knew today was the day. So, my friend and I got ready and headed over to Main Street on this chilly morning.


We walked into the restaurant at about 8:45 a.m. and there were a few customers but it wasn’t too busy. The restaurant is fairly small but Motown Hits playing over the loud speaker made the restaurant  quaint and inviting. We walked up to the hostess and informed her that we were a party of 2. We were promptly seated and handed menus. As we reviewed the menu, we saw the typical breakfast foods; eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. And I noticed other interesting takes on breakfast plates like their “A Pig and A Chicken Meet” plate which is essentially two eggs over a big pork chop with a side of Spinach and Biscuits and Gravy.

Nickel Diner DTLA

I decided we would order a classic breakfast plate- eggs, potatoes and bacon and a specialty plate- “A Pig and A Chicken Meet.” And of course, no breakfast is complete without coffee- and lots of it! Oh and let’s not forget The Maple Bacon Donut!

The 2 scrambled eggs plate wasn’t the greatest. The bacon was delicious and the potatoes were average and I hate to say that the eggs were undercooked. The scrambled eggs were so disappointing because that was the first thing that I tasted so I was instantly turned off.

Nickel Diner DTLAThe “A Pig and A Chicken Meet” entree was much better. The over easy eggs were cooked perfectly and the pork chop was thick and delicious. The bisquits and gravy were also scrumptous. They were so good that we considered ordering another side of bisquits and gravy but then we remembered that the Maple Bacon Donut was on its way.

Nickel Diner DTLAOnto the Maple Bacon Donut! I’m not a huge fan of foods that have that sweet and savory combination but I knew I had to try this donut because even the waitress mentioned to us that it was one of their most popular items and one of her personal favorites. Once I tried the first bite of the Maple Bacon Donut, I instantly thought of a Ham and Cheese Croissant. The Maple glaze gave it a creamy texture similar to cheese and the bacon was thick and plentiful and tasted like what ham tastes like in a Ham and Cheese croissant. What made this  donut extraordinary is that this was no ordinary donut, it was a Cro-Nut! There is no mistaking that flaky, buttery taste.  It was absolutely delicious!

Overall, the experience was good. I would definitely visit again to try a few more entrees. If you would like more information on Nickel Diner click the link that follows: or follow them on Twitter @5cdiner.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram @queenofsmarts and/or on Twitter @queenofsmarts_ Thank you so much for reading this week! Until next time…

Nickel Diner DTLA