A Closer Look At Union Station

A behind the scenes look at Union Station, because there's more to it than meets the eye.

Have you ever passed through Union Station for the sights versus walking through on your daily commute? If not, I highly recommend pausing for a moment to take a closer look. From the hand painted tiles, to the hanging chandeliers that weigh more than a ton, all the way down to the tiles your two feet stand upon. Each tile specifically handcrafted and designed specifically for Union Station. Which is open daily throughout the week, excluding a window of time in the wee morning hours where they close the station down for approximately one hour. However, upon entry through those golden doors, you can see, there’s more to Union Station than meet the eye. Here’s a behind the scenes look.


For those that don’t know, Union Station was built in 1939, making it approximately 77-years-old, and in need of a facelift so it could return to a good state of repair. About two years ago, Metro began renovating the classic space in order to reintroduce it to the community again, along with its mass transit system, and up and coming cultural events. Establishments that are slated to open soon, or within the next year include: Cafe Crate, a mid-priced casual diner that’s slated to open in August, and the restoration of the old Fred Harvey restaurant that will maintain a brewery on site that’s contracted to open in about a year from now. 13820662_10157331291875438_1835151447_n

A glimpse inside the Old Fred Harvey Restaurant


A glimpse inside the old Fred Harvey restaurant

Additional events that are in progress include: setting up an Art-walk, Farmer’s Market, live picture screenings, jazz, salsa dancing, as well as pop up shops for artist and artisans top populate carts. Curating all this allows room for new opportunities and partnerships, specifically for businesses residing in DTLA Arts District. If you are an artist or artisan, definitely jump on this opportunity to get your handcrafted gems or product to occupy one of their soon-to-be pop up cart area that will be located in their courtyard, or secondary consideration section.





If you’re a lover of live music, then you will want to catch the remainder of Live Nations “One’s To Watch” and KROQ’s Locals Only summer concert series. It runs until Labor Day Weekend, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch a show on Saturday evening. To see their current line-up, go here. If you are a musician that knows how to play piano, or looking for an audience, you’ll be happy to know that they have a piano located in main lobby that’s open to the public and available for anyone to play.


With all the renovations happening at Union Station, some things to note: The Patasaouras Plaza located in the back where all of the buses run is currently closed. This is the first time they’ve ever closed the bus plaza. It’s going to be closed for six months as they do repairs, and will reopen in about five months or so. Trains will still be operating during renovations and repair. Needless to say, this is a very exciting time for Union Station. During my tour, Ken Pratt, Director of Property Management said, “With the preservation of this wonderful building and property, and all the renovations happening. We are looking to the future needs of Los Angeles in mass transit and long range transit, in order to keep on fostering and growing.” For more information on Union Station, please visit their website, or give them a follow on Instagram.


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