71Above: Transform Your View

Transform your view at the highest restaurant west of the Mississippi.
Dine within the buzz of the bar 950 feet above ground level. | Photographer: Enio Hernandez

It’s not everyday I get to sit 950 feet above ground level. When I do, there’s a good chance I’m towering above the city at 71Above. The highest restaurant and cocktail bar west of the Mississippi. Sitting pretty on the 71st floor in DTLA’s U.S. Bank Tower. The perfect space to transform your view of the city. Open daily with hours that vary Monday through Sunday (see hours below). 71 Above Restaurant Downtown LA

Course one of two off their lunch menu | Photographer: Enio Hernandez

I had the opportunity to visit 71Above after lunch. Meaning I ventured over around 2:30 pm. The perfect time to beat the hungry rush of lunch hour. Allowing me to enjoy the calm after the storm while savoring 71Above’s high-end delectable modern cuisine by Chef Vartan Abgaryan. Along with awe-inspiring panoramic views of the city and surrounding area that will make your jaw drop.

Dining room views and sparkling Voss water | Photographer: Enio Hernandez

Upon entry, their blue-tinted high-tech windows will make you feel like you’re gazing out into the ocean, when really you are taking in the landscapes of Los Angeles’ basin and surrounding mountain ranges. On a clear day you can see the outline of the ocean stretched out from Malibu to Laguna Hills. If you suffer from acrophobia, you may feel more comfortable in the center of the room. However, day or night, the city views are outstanding no matter where you sit (or stand).

Geometric ceiling by Tag Front Design | Photographer: Enio Hernandez

One of the things that make 71Above so great is how it was set-up to administer a variety of dining experiences. Guests have the choice to dine within the buzz of the bar or sit adjacent in the main vibrant dining room overlooking Dodger Stadium. The Chef’s table also offers a view of the open kitchen that transitions into a semi-private dining area, offering a quieter a more intimate dining experience. Which is a plus. For the main part, 71Above is relatively quaint and peaceful.

Reminiscing and enjoying the view. | Photographer: Enio Hernandez
  • The interior decor by Tag Front Design is to die for. From the geometric pattern ceiling to the glassed wine shelf and furniture
  • Serving sizes are big and the menu vast (view lunch menu here)
  • If you’re vegetarian, they’re able to alter the ingredients to meet your dietary needs
  • There’s a compass on the end of each table to depict what direction you’re sitting in (pretty novel)
  • The service is great as well as the view
Transform your view | Photographer: Enio Hernandez

Ring In the New Year 950 Feet Above Ground Level

This holiday season, guests are invited to ring in the New Year 950 feet above ground level. For $250, you can enjoy free flowing Billecart-Salmon Champagne, a complimentary selection of red and white wines, and a generous tray of hors d’oeuvres and food stations. Other elegant offerings are poached oysters with uni and caviar, Prime New York Steak, with truffle onion marmalade, poached lobster with creamed lobster celery root, foie gras macaroon, and potato and truffle tart with creme fraiche. The breathtaking view is across the city is also included in the price. If you’re feeling sophisticated and glamorous, you may want to consider ringing in New Year’s Eve 950 feet above ground level. Tickets are available hereFor more information on 71Above or to make reservations, please visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


All Images Taken By Enio Hernandez Unless Stated Otherwise

71Above | 633 West 5th Street | 71st Floor | Los Angles, CA 90071 | Make Reservations Now

Daily Hours

Monday – Wednesday 11:30AM to 11:00PM

Thursday – Friday 11:30AM – 12:00AM

Saturday 5:00PM to 12:00AM

Sunday 5:00PM to 11:00PM



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