July 2018 Downtown LA Condo Sales Market Report

Check Out Our July 2018 Downtown LA Condo Sales Market Report

DTLA July Condo Summary

In July 2018, there were 32 Condo sales in DTLA totaling  $28,669,469The 32 sales were in 24 different buildings.

DTLA  July 2018 Condo Sales Report: The sales this month were in the following areas:  Arts District      (2 sales), Bunker Hill (2 Sale), Central City West (5 Sales), Financial District  (2 Sales), Historic Core (5 Sales), Little Tokyo (3 Sale), South Park (13 Sales)

Dig out all the last nickels from your sofa cushions!! The highest July sale was at The Ritz Carlton for $1,765,000. A 1,718 square foot condo. 2-Beds, 3-Baths.   CONDO LIVING AT ITS FINEST!!

All July Condo Sales

(July 2018)
7/2/18 Historic Core Shybary Grand Lofts 670  $455K
7/3/18 Bunker Hill Promenade West Condos  1,323 $620K
7/3/18 South Park Evo Lofts  860 $645K
7/3/18 Central City West Vero Lofts 1,140  $640K
7/5/18 South Park Market Lofts 1,050  $730K
7/5/18 Central City West Wilshire Loft Condos 760  $532K
7/6/18 Historic Core Higgins Building Lofts 1460  $1.18M
7/9/18 South Park Bartlett Building Lofts 660  $512K
7/10/18 Central City West Vero Lofts 990  $625K
7/11/18 Bunker Hill Bunker Hill Tower 481  $435K
7/12/18 Fashion District Textile Building Lofts 890  $555K
7/12/18 Little Tokyo Tokyo Villa Condos 1,221  $682.5K
7/12/18 Central City West Vero Lofts 1,140  $640K
7/13/18 South Park Market Lofts 1474 $799K
7/13/18 Fashion District Cornell Building 650 $495K
7/13/18 Arts District Barker Block Lofts 740 $677.5k
7/13/18 Historic Core Rowan Lofts 998 $710K
7/16/18 South Park Elleven South Lofts 1,100 $607.5K
7/17/18 Little Tokyo Little Tokyo Lofts 780 $435K
7/18/18 South Park Evo Lofts 1,170 $925K
7/18/18 South Park Market Lofts 960 $604.5K
7/19/18 South Park Sky Lofts Condos 1,200 $820K
7/20/18 Arts District Molino Street Lofts 1,490 $950K
7/20/18 South Park The Ritz Carlton 1,718 $1.765M
7/20/18 Historic Core Rowan Building 850 $675K
7/25/18 South Park Grand Lofts 1,380 $870K
7/26/18 South Park Eastern Columbia Lofts 1,610 $1.35M
7/26/18 South Park The Ritz Carlton 1,580 $1.51M
7/27/18 Central City West Wilshire Loft Condos 1,340 $940K
7/31/18 Historic Core Pan American Lofts 1,100 $705K
7/31/18 South Park Elleven South Lofts 1,100 $620K
7/31/18 Little Tokyo Mura Condos 1,710 $1.7M
 Total:  $28,669,469



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